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As the New Mexico State Climatologist I assess the effects of climate on the natural environment, agricultural production, land and natural resources, and human health in New Mexico. A significant part of my duties include providing climatological data services and assessments. I also provide climate information and education to the public through speaking engagements, school demonstrations, and tours. Managing the New Mexico Climate Center also falls under my direction. The Center maintains archives of meteorological data collected throughout the state of New Mexico from many public and private networks. The Center operates a network of automated surface weather stations throughout the state with most of these located at NMSU Agricultural Science Centers. I also am the NM state coordinator for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow (CoCoRaHS) network.

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  • My research interest is broadly defined as applied climatology.Areas of research specialization include air pollution climatology and meteorology with particular focus on the characterization of aerosols and subsequent transport and atmospheric transformations.Application areas include determining windblown dust sources, wildfire smoke, impacts to human health, and long range transport of those particles.As part of that research I use a combination of modeling and observational techniques that includes ground-based and satellite remote sensing to increase my understanding of the dynamics of these aerosol populations.Other areas of research that I pursue include new methods to gauge drought, the design and evaluation of observing networks, micro meteorology, urban heat islands, experimental methods to profile the atmospheric boundary layer, and air mass trajectory modeling.

    Current funded research projects center around understanding the sources, transport, and the impacts of air pollution on respiratory health in southern New Mexico. The NM Department of Health, NM Environment Department, and NOAA currently financially support our research group on these topics through grants.  Some of the findings are being used to locate dust sources and mitigate them to reduce the exposure of residents living along the binational border area of southwestern New Mexico, northwestern Chihuahua, and west Texas.

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  • My area of expertise in teaching is in the area of climate, atmospheric sciences, and air pollution.

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  • David

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  • Dubois

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  • PO Box 30003
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